About Us

In imagine that every ensemble is a chance to state your self. Inspired by classic fashion and knowledgeable from now’s sensibilities, we provide a curated apparel which allows you do nothing but that!

However, that our fire goes over and above clothes that is great. Since then 1, we have analysed worth of feminine empowerment and inclusivity. We are devoted to serving our network of most lovely girls by observing their tales and presenting the broad scope of dimensions. Because everybody else wants to meet in.

Having a bevy of how thrifted finds shooting within her small living space, faculty university student Susan Gregg Koger launched an on-line store in 2002 with assistance in her boyfriend-turned-husband,” Eric. Ever since that time, ModCloth is now a really advanced and cosmopolitan manner merchant, together with three workplaces around the nation and countless of workers that are amazing.

Ever wonder who is guiding ModCloth’s trademark fashions? It truly is our proficient group of inhouse designers! From hand-drawn prints to absolutely placed pockets, then they will have pulled all the stops to provide each outfit which special some thing.

When it really is posting costume photos from our fashion Gallery or engaging at our most current Create the minimize competition we think it’s great if our clients elevate their voices and say their own private style.

There are times that you want just a tiny costume information. Our proficient group of ModStylists are in the services! From decorative fittings to apparel re-boots, they provide devoted styling assistance that is friendly, fast, and free.